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Cerium is a humanist typeface that bridges the gap between coding and web design, a humanist solution for the digital age.

Cerium combines warmth, clarity, and flexibility to create beautiful typography for any project. Whether you are a designer, a developer, or anything in between, Cerium will help you express your ideas with style and confidence. Cerium's humanist sans-serif features enhance legibility at small sizes, while its distinctive letterforms avoid confusion and ambiguity. Cerium is the result of a rigorous and innovative design process, completed in 2021 as part of the Master of Arts in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, United Kingdom.

Why Cerium?

Cerium is a typeface family that combines the functionality of monospaced fonts for coding with the versatility of proportional fonts for web interfaces. It is designed to be accessible, ubiquitous, and flexible, unlike many other fonts that are either too expensive, too specialized, or too limited. Cerium draws inspiration from the technical shape of IBM’s Plex Sans and the ubiquity of Microsoft’s Consolas & Corbel, but adds its own unique features and personality.

If you are looking for a versatile and elegant typeface that can handle both coding and web design, look no further than Cerium. Cerium is a typeface family that combines the best of both worlds: a monospaced style for coding environment and a proportional style for web interfaces.

Cerium is not just another coding typeface. It is a typeface that stands out from the crowd of open-sourced fonts online. Cerium is inspired by the ubiquity of default fonts like Consolas, Corbel, and IBM Plex Sans, but it goes beyond them with its own unique features and versatility. Cerium has a humanist sans-serif structure that enhances readability and reduces ambiguity. Cerium also has a squircle shape that balances the technical and the friendly aspects of the letterforms. Whether you are coding, designing, or browsing, Cerium is the typeface for you. Cerium is a typeface that bridges the gap between coding and web design.


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