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Codegreen AI Hackathon 2021

A three-week challenge to create new innovation for Indonesia's green future.

Codegreen AI Hackathon is a three-week AI hackathon with mentoring sessions that aims to create new breakthrough in forestry and agriculture in Indonesia organised by Earthling Indonesia e.V. and supported by Techbros GmbH and the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Berlin. Codegreen AI Hackathon is open for public and  offers total prizes of 10,000€ and the possibility for the ideas to be further developed.

About Earthling Indonesia e.V.

Earthling Indonesia is a registered non-profit organisation in Germany that aims to advance sustainable development in Indonesia. The team regularly advocate and increase public awareness about sustainable living. They actively support initiatives by individuals and organisations and liaise them with relevant stakeholders within our network.

The organisation is powered by driven Indonesians in Europe and Indonesia. Since 2020, Earthling Indonesia is recognised by the German Commission for UNESCO as an actor for sustainable development education.

The context

The survival and well-being of humanity depend on the agriculture, farming, and forestry sectors.  These sectors offer food, income, and environmental benefits for millions of people, especially in Indonesia. At least 33,4 million people live from the agricultural and forestry industries in Indonesia. These sectors are facing unprecedented challenges due to population growth, resource scarcity, and climate change. To sustain our future and enrich the lives of the masses, we must ensure greater access to nutritious food for the present and future generations.

The opportunity

The urgency of the matter calls for efficient and impactful solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a indispensable technology that can foster growth in these sectors and make them more productive, resilient, and sustainable. AI can assist humans to make strategic decisions that allow businesses to better balance economic productivity, holistic prosperity of the people involved in the industry, counteracting climate change, and optimise the use of natural resources.

The challenge

Codegreen AI Hackathon challenges everyone to incorporate AI computer vision in the economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable revolution of the agriculture, farming, and forestry industries - starting in Indonesia. In this competition, you will have the chance to develop your unique solutions under intensive professional mentoring and create concrete change. You will also have the chance to make a positive impact on the society and the environment!

The concept

The design concept is based on the following objectives:
1. To create a distinctive visual identity that reflects the event's theme of using computer vision to enhance forestry and agriculture.
2. To use simple shapes, natural and synthetic colors, and grainy textures to convey the contrast and harmony between technology and nature.
The design elements of the campaign are simple shapes that suggest the purity and cleanliness of technology. The colours are a mix of natural and artificial hues, and the grains create a smooth transition between them. The design elements are arranged in random rectangular grids to suggest the idea of construction and innovation. We have applied this concept to various design outputs, such as websites, proposal decks, pitch deck templates, social media posts, and videos. We use Discord, social media posts, and the event’s official website act as one of the the event’s communication pathways. The event's website is a single landing page that provides easy access for the hackathon participants. We have designed the website from scratch with Figma and developed it with Webflow. The pitch deck template for the participants to guide them on what type of information they should include in their submission.


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Designer: Leonardo Tanuwijaya

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