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Claudya C. Hutasoit




Different angle, Different colours.

Iridescent is a senior vocal recital started by performing student, Claudya C. Hutasoit in 2018. This recital acts as a sequel to her junior recital, Resilience and shows her growth as a performer and a person.

About Claudya

Claudya was a Vocal Jazz & Pop Performance graduating student from Pelita Harapan University and this senior recital was put on to fulfil the graduation requirement for the course. She aims to empower resilient women to overcome hardships through her music which was inspired by American folk, power anthem, hip-hop and pop music. She sent me musical inspiration that inspires her performance and I compiled them into a playlist.

Project Background

When Claudya approached me again for her senior recital, her musical preference has evolved and performing skills have improved after her 2 years experience in the field. She told me about the iridescent as the theme of her next recital as she grew 'brighter' and 'colourful' on her musical journey. She still aims to empower resilient women while also sharing her story with a performance that supported by 25 musicians from inside and outside of UPH Conservatory of Music.

"When you change the view from where you stood, the things you view will change for good." - Turning Turtle, Mary Poppins


Design a visual identity that resonate with the preference of music used in Claudya’s recital and also her performance which later then translated into various design outputs.

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Event Identity Design

Social Media Marketing

Publication Design


Art Direction & Graphic Design: Leonardo Tanuwijaya

Photography: Clarissa Ruth Natan

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