Street Food Fighter

Good Food, Good Beer Will Surely Win The Good People

Street Food Fighter (SFF) gathers Medan's most local favourite hawkers and best local culinary brands in a one-and-only event hosted by Ardent. SFF supports the millennial café trends and the timeless good food by the locals while also serving good beer to complement the culinary experience.

About Ardent

Ardent is a PR agency specializing in brand activations and events. They have been assisting numerous local and national brands in crafting the best concepts and events to meet their objectives. Starting from thorough consultancy, they provide ideas, develop strategies and curate every detail through our network and partners.

Target Market

Primary: 35 - 45 y.o (Entrepreneurs, Executives)

Secondary: 25 - 34 y.o (Young Entrepreneurs)

Third: 19 - 24 y.o (fresh graduates, young entrepreneurs, college students)


To design a visual identity that is appropriate to the proposed target market and also showcase Medanese Chinese cultural quirkiness.

The event aims to elevate drinking and culinary experience to a new level by serving the best beers along with the best local hawkers.

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Art Director: Albert Sumitio

Designers: Albert Sumitio, Alda Sumitio, Leonardo Tanuwijaya, Cindy Sally

Illustrators: Cindy Sally

Video Editor: Tri Indah, Roy Naldo

Videographer & Photographer: Roy Naldo, Albert Sumitio, Leonardo Tanuwijaya

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