Life is stressful but you don't need to be

Hong Kong have a very demanding working culture, and many people suffer from acute stress and prefer not to cope with it. Mindfulness practice has proven to be an excellent solution but it seems difficult to do. It does not need to be.


Mindfulness-based stress reduction has been widely known globally to be able to treat stressfulness effectively yet, only small part of people in the world, especially in Hong Kong know what mindfulness is and its benefits. There are many organisation and company that offer courses about mindfulness in Hong Kong but, only very few citizen know about it and actively practising it daily. This reason became the business opportunity behind the development of this project.


To introduce the concept of mindfulness and meditation, its benefits and importance

To teach some simple mindfulness practice that can be practically used in daily life

To increase the awareness of mental health and diminish its taboo-ness

To advocate mindfulness practice as something that every body can do and could be fun

To build a sense of community for people who interested in mindfulness practice

Target Market

The target market for this project are students and working professionals in Hong Kong. Students usually have a moderate stress level during school period but, it will rapidly increase during late semester test. They are currently pursuing their education. They have none-to-low income, but they may have some pocket money from their parents. They prefer fun and engaging activities. Working professionals have long working hours and always seems very busy. They worked throughout the day and only came back to their home after dusk which leads to stress.

This project aims to promote the idea of being mindful, why is it important and how easy it is to implement it in daily life.

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